How Our Tipi Hire Works

At The Natural Tent Company we do everything we can to make the whole process, from your initial enquiry right through to the day of your event, as simple as possible. Pick up the phone or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Our tipi hire pricing includes VAT, delivery within 30 miles and damage waiver. This is what helped us to win the 4 Counties Wedding Award for Marquee Supplier of the Year, when we don’t even supply marquees, only giant canvas tipis!

Tipi Tent Exterior Walkway Matting

6 weeks prior to your special event we will send out a confirmation document, this is your last chance to chop and change the items you wish to have at your wedding. We know how much is upon you in the last month so that is why we get it sorted before.

When it comes round to the week of your event, we will finish the build a minimum of 24 hours before it begins. This gives you a full day to decorate and add your own touches to the already stunning teepee tent setup you booked. We are happy to help add a few decorations and leave you a ladder to finish them off but the little touches are your little touches, it wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t have your input.

Once it is all over, we will come and take them away; it will be sad for you to see them go as you will have grown attached to them over the weekend. You can’t keep hold of them too long or we won’t be able to share the excitement and joy with others.

Tipi Tent Interior Table Decorations

Once you have looked through the pricing information and decided you want to go forward to the next step, we’ll write up a formal proposal and take a £500 ‘save-the-date’ deposit. We always meet up before taking it further so we’ll come and chat to you at your proposed tipi venue. This gives us a chance to talk in person about the vision you have for your event and how we can help. We also check the location to make sure it is suitable for tipis, if it is not and you have paid the £500 before this stage we will refund you in full if you cannot find anywhere else.

The remainder of the payments are due at equidistant points in the year, with the final balance due 5 weeks prior to the event. We are very happy to work out a payment plan that is more tailored to you, we understand that weddings, events and life all require payments at times that often coincide so we are happy to work with you on this.

Tipi Wedding Fire Pit & Straw Bales

Our Tipi Tents

Tipis (sometimes referred to as giant hat tipis, teepee’s or kata) are ideal for parties, weddings and events for as many guests as you need. A single tipi tent can fit on a decent sized garden lawn giving space for up to 72 guests. For more guests we simply link the tipis together creating amazing spaces – you can view a selection of our layouts here.

The giant tipis are based on the traditional dwellings of the Sami people from northern Scandinavia and are constructed from solid spruce wooden poles giving them exceptional strength (more than traditional marquees) in high winds. They’re incredibly waterproof and are warm and cosy in the coldest of weather while on hot days the sides can be raised to form a brim, similar to a giant hat, providing cool air and shade.

Our Tipis are manufactured by Tentipi, a Scandinavian company that import the Tipis to the UK and across the world. They are the leading manufacturer supplying UK teepee companies and have been here since the late 1990s. They know what they are doing when they make a tipi and that is also why we get a training refresher from them every couple of years.

Our tipi tents have a range of beautiful lighting options so that events can last well into the night and are easily heated to keep the chill at bay. We supply the tipis to you with carpet and seating for your required number of guests.

At most tipi weddings or events you will want to celebrate and party! Our prices include the installation of a dance floor along with spot lighting and mirror balls as standard. If you are planning on a band or other entertainment we can provide a stage at no extra cost – you can read our FAQs here.

The tipi canvas is flame retardant so you can relax around one of our eye catching fire pits as the evening draws in or feel free to create an intimate atmosphere with beautiful candles.

3 Tipi Pagoda Set-up with Exterior Matting
Tipi Tent Dimension Size

Meet The Team

Here at The Natural Tent Company we are a close-knit team. We only run with one crew and so each and every event will be managed by the same people; this means the same high standards across all of our tipi builds. Our core team is made up of Mark, Matt and Chris supported by a keen seasonal crew who work together from year to year.


Mark is our long-standing member who has worked in the company since its inception. He has worked on more than 200 builds across the years and has an in depth knowledge of the tipis and their set-up variations. Starting out as a crew member Mark has worked his way up to management level within the company and has completed over 90 of those builds as a Crew Leader. He is also in the office everyday getting stuck into the administrative work, assisting you through from your initial meeting to the big day.


Matt is the newest recruit but by no means inexperienced. After completing 30 years in the Metropolitan Police as a Sergeant, he started his first season with us in 2018 and performed excellently throughout. His eye for detail and comprehensive organisation has helped to make sure that each build has exactly the standards that we require here at The Natural Tent Company. His crew management skills are second to none.


Chris is our business knowledge guru, he originally trained as an accountant and then quickly progressed into an area manager at Whitbread. Across his tenure there he gained a wide range of skills that allowed him to go on and lecture at the University of Hertfordshire to pass on his wisdom. He has been a key member of The Natural Tent Company team for over 2 years, helping the company progress to the success it is today.

Team Photos

We really believe that the people you work with are as valuable as anything else in your business, for this reason we have thrown a Christmas fun-day for those involved in making the summer season as smooth as it can be. Check out the photos from our 2018 and 2019 days out, see if you can spot who won the prizes!

Natural Tent Company Team